ALLES over Bachbloesems

How to find the Bach Flower Remedy you need

From our childhood, the image has been imprinted on most of us, that illness is caused by external factors, that need to be put right. We have become used to the idea that a particular medicin belongs to a particular illness. 
It isn't simple to let go of this ingrained view. Yet it is necessary to change this point of view when we are going to work with the Bach Flower Remedies. 
Example 1: Two different people are convinced that they are unable to complete a given task. One of them may get a headache, while the other may have to throw up. With our old view on illness these two different symptoms would be treated with different medicins.
But anyone can understand that these different symptoms will disappear "spontaneously" when these people have enough confidence in themselves. 
Example 2: Two different people both have a headache, one because he is afraid, the other because he is in a deadlock trying to choose between two options. Of course, both of them could suppress this symptom "headache" with the same pain killer. But if they would choose to remove the cause instead, they would need different remedies. 
Dr Bach's point of view was: "treat the patient, not the disease". Surely, the disease is "just a symptom", and the result of how the patient is "put together". How the patient feels, thinks, reacts...
It is also important that you consider how someone is "at this moment". This can be a combination of character, ingrained chronical aspects, and a temporary emotional state. 
Dr Edward Bach tells us that the physical symptoms are of no consequence whatsoever for this way of healing...