ALLES over Bachbloesems

A (still growing) part of what Dr Edward Bach has written:

Bachs writings can be roughly divided into two parts: : until 1930 his writings were mainly scientific, later mainly spiritual, and of course about his own remedies. 
The second part you can find here. 

september 1936: Masonic Lecture
september 1936: Wallingford Lecture
september 1936: The Twelve Healers & Other Remedies
januari 1935: The Walnut Tree
juli 1934: The Twelve Healers & Seven Helpers
1934: The Story of the Oak Tree
1934: The Story of the Travellers
september 1933: The Story of Centaury itself
september 1933: The Story of Clematis itself
augustus 1933: The Twelve Healers & Four Helpers
1933: Twelve Healers
mei 1933: My twelve remedies
februari 1933: Twelve Great Remedies
1932: Free Thyself
februari 1931: Ye Suffer From Yourselves
februari 1931: Heal Thyself